Tanvir A Mishuk founded Nagad in 2019. Nagad is the most efficient and user-friendly digital financial service in Bangladesh. Within only one year, the user of Nagad congregated to more than 50 million, making it the fastest-growing FinTech company in the world.

Financial Growth By FinTech Technology

With the FinTech industry’s growth in Bangladesh, millions of people got easy access to the digital financial service. Money transactions became easy and cheap, creating a scope for small and even large businesses to flourish.

Nagad is the most cost-effective Digital Financial Service in Bangladesh. Money transaction is just a click away, for which purchasing any goods or services became easy.

The minimum amount of service charge created a huge opportunity to save money for personal or commercial usage. The FinTech revolution by Mr. Tanvir contributed immensely to the financial growth of Bangladesh.

Human Resource Empowerment

FinTech is one of the most flourishing industries in Bangladesh. The formation of any industry requires the employee and generate employment opportunities. The FinTech industry of Bangladesh is no different when it comes to creating employment opportunities.

Nagad now has created employment opportunities for more than 100,000 people. In the future, this promising company will create more employment opportunities.

With Nagad, you can have quick access to your money. You can easily pay or get paid, giving people the financial liberty to use their money with a tap or click.

Benefits of FinTech

Financial technology aids any financial services with technological innovation.  Those involved in the industry always require to develop new technologies for growth and development.

The rapid growth of the FinTech industry in Bangladesh is inevitable because of the advantages of digital financial services. The primary benefits of FinTech are:

  • Faster Rate of Approval
  • Greater Convenience
  • More Personalized Service
  • Advanced Security
  • Lower Costs

For FinTech innovations like Nagad, it is possible to complete an application and get approval within a minute. FinTech made it possible to manage your finances with a smart device with or without an internet connection. The consumers have easy access to their finances anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Users of FinTech readily respond to consumers’ specific requirements since they have superior access to an array of data about them.