DKYC Nationalized Registration System

Tanvir A Mishuk initiates the Digital KYC system’s use for making the registration system easy and faster than before. He developed an innovative digital finance system where users will have the most comfortable experience using the system.

Digital KYC System

We are living in the most innovative and digital era in the history of the world. Most of the country has developed a Digital KYC system where a central database contains all citizens’ information.

The database stores specific data, including photographs, fingerprints, location, special marks, etc., and government personnel collects detailed data from citizens. With a stable internet connection, anyone can see their data, and responsible authorities can extract citizens’ information for authorized purposes.

Integrating Digital KYC with Financial Services

Tanvir A Mishuk initiated the integration system to make the registration process easy and quick. Now people can register on any mobile banking service without filling long-forms like before.

This integration lets the users take a photo of their NID and their own picture on their phones through the financial service’s smart application.

Now the financial service will match the photo and the NID number for verifying the user’s identity. It takes less than a minute for the verification process, which took a few days before this innovation.

Benefits of Digital KYC Integration

  • Faster Registration
  • Quick Verification
  • User-friendly Registration System
  • Saves resources
  • Improves Accessibility
  • Cost-effective for Financial Service Providers
  • Easy Customer Profiling Process

The digital KYC system enables a real-time verification system using an optical character recognition system. Mr. Tanvir’s idea was to use this verification system to integrate with the financial system to make it more secure.

With the digital KYC system’s help implemented into the financial system, people now can have a profile section on mobile banking apps. It makes financial transactions more authentic and helps to prevent financial fraudulent.

Tanvir A. Mishuk’s idea of integrating the financial system with Digital KYC revolutionized the world’s financial industry. His innovative mind comes with unique technological advancement ideas that made the account creation process effective for both consumers and service providers.