Mr. Tanvir A Mishuk’s idea was to lessen the trading cost of the mobile banking financial system. He dedicatedly works for minimizing the fees compared to the other companies in this industry. It saves money for both consumers and small business owners.

Minimal Trade Cost Empowers SMB Owners

Typically, small business owners were paying higher transaction charges for receiving payments from consumers. On the contratry, the service costs were higher than usual. Business owners are adjusting their fees by maximizing the price for different products.

Mr. Mishuk came with Nagad in 2019 that offers the cheapest payment fees for both sending and receiving money from users. Low fees indicate that people feel loved with this financial system for low rates of transaction charges. Consumers now purchase products or services online without paying more.

Small & Medium Business Revenue Growth

SMBs are growing faster than ever after Nagad came into the digital financial market. Previously, a large portion of their revenue was used to pay the transaction fees. Mr. Tanvir came up with a unique facility of minimizing fees for small & medium businesses through a new mobile banking system.

After Nagad’s official launch, small businesses started taking payments through Nagad mobile banking system. They are generating more revenue as more people are involved with this affordable payment process for their trading.

Opportunities: Cost-effective Payment Fees

Mr. Tanvir Mishuk came with such a digital finance system that people lacked previously to freely send & receive their money. SMB owners and entrepreneurs are now integrating their payment process with Nagad’s financial system.

After launching in 2019, Nagad not only aided small businesses but also created a different wing named “Nagad Uddokta” for local agents who operates all the transactions. They also trained those initiators, a.k.a Uddokta, to operate their local center properly and generate maximum revenue. Let’s see the opportunity Mr. Tanvir creates with his innovative revolution.

  • Massive Financial Inclusion
  • Low-cost Payment System
  • More sales Generate more revenue
  • Empowering Small Business Owners
  • Improves National Financial Growth
  • Empowering Under Privileged Entrepreneurs
  • Increases Employment Opportunity

Due to Mr. Mishuk’s innovation, Nagad has become the fastest-growing FinTech Company in the world. It has created a proactive bridge between government and SMB owners because Nagad owns 49% share where the government owns 51% shares of this financial system.

His affiliation with the government made the process easier, and the government has facilitated small business owners with different benefits. Besides, the government can now send all financial aids toward underprivileged people using Nagad. Mr. Tanvir, the revolutionary innovator of this financial service, is getting praised by different countries for his contribution to the country’s finance.