F Commerce in Bangladesh

In fact, F-Commerce refers to Facebook Commerce. It is a term that is used in virtual business to focus on the design, the development of content, and the storefront websites within Facebook around the world. Simply put, this means a good range of selling products along with critical services at Facebook.com.

However, in terms of F Commerce, Bangladesh is no different from the worldwide scenario. And, most importantly, the present prospects for F-commerce in Bangladesh are even better. The growth of the Facebook Commerce community in Bangladesh is remarkable, considering the latest statistics.

In a word to say, F-commerce can be called the “Economic Game Changer” in Bangladesh. So, if you want to know about it, keep reading deeply till the end of this article. Let’s get started.

F-commerce is a growing marketplace

Facebook, located in Menlo Park, California, is one of the biggest virtual social media platforms along with societal networking services. It has approximately 1.71 billion active users once a month. However, the main goal of F-Commerce is to use the components of Facebook in order to increase sales. Today, it is pretty standard for people to use this term when mentioning entire social media sites.

Apart from that, it did not take long enough for Facebook CEO, chairman, and founder Mark Zuckerberg to comprehend that his website might be monetized. In Facebook, billions of monthly active consumers are engaged to use its environment in terms of selling everyday items to both people and organizations.

At present, a good number of companies are following F-Commerce only for growing their business rapidly. It is part of an online business that is anticipated to reach billions of dollars yearly soon.

Is it true that f-commerce did not begin well?

In its early experiments, Facebook allowed many companies to display their goods on their business pages. At there, the consumers might check out as well as pay without leave-taking the website.

Almost two years later, a good range of companies closed their stocks within a year. Some Business analysts who coined the term “F-Commerce” at the time jokingly proposed that ‘F’ might represent ‘Failure’. Since then, F-Commerce has grown quickly, and it has become a highly efficient tool for selling products and services to a great extent.

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Tips on effective F-commerce

There are several vital tips about how to create an effective F-commerce in Bangladesh, which is given in below:


Try your level best to start by building a larger fan audience. These people will exclusively be your ‘passing trade’.


It is a practical approach to build a more extensive fan base for creating a big competition.


If you are not a professional programmer, look for platforms that can provide everything you possibly will need. There are several free ones, go for them.

User friendly

Complex navigation can kill your online business rapidly. Moreover, unfriendly forms often make the lower purchase. So, your online business platforms (F-Commerce) should be user-friendly and also easy to access for the customers.


Your business products must be presented with quality photos along with detailed descriptions.


Ensure your F-Commerce platform has various social media pushbuttons like as- re-tweet, share, pin it, and so on.


Make sure that any kind of online transaction with your F-commerce is more secured than others, and also try to inform your potential customers about this matter in a proper way.

F-Commerce acts as a self-perpetuating vehicle

Starting a business on a Facebook page is similar to have a store in a home-grown area where potential consumers are likely to go through your entry every day. It also can be recalled of different offers along with particular goods over and over again.

With the help of your F-commerce tool (Facebook page), you are able to manage all of your active marketing and sales effortlessly. However, if you really want, you may link it to your central web store, where all of your stocks, along with order-related information, are kept.

Since the number of consumers who usually like your F-commerce page rare rising, you will surely learn more about them. Their interests and demographics will help you to target your market audiences more effectively & efficiently.

Apart from that, F-Commerce lets you take your store to your consumers. It creates a shopping experience that is not found anywhere else. You may reward your major clients with amazing discounts, group purchases, and fan campaigns.

Boosting sales by paying Facebook

There are several ways to boost up your business sales through investing money in Facebook. Those things are given in below:

Engagement first

In terms of increasing sales, the first and foremost goal is to post on your F-commerce page for getting the attention of your active followers and also keep them engaged with your update & unique posts.

Show off your essential products

Try your level best to appeal to your fans’ & followers’ senses through showing off your goods along with high-quality images.

Getting more likes

Paying money on Facebook plays a vital role in acquiring more Facebook likes, comments & shares. But, one crucial thing is to be kept in mind that the default setting on the ad category is to carry on continuously. If your per-day cost budget in F-commerce is $10, it will indeed run until you tell this thing to stop. So, I would like to recommend just run it at a time for 4 to 5 days so that you are able to judge whether it is working correctly or not.

Boost up your F-commerce posts

To boost up a business post is so simple. But, you are possibly going to spend $20 to $50 once a month on your product ads. Additionally, you do not need to grow bogged down in sophisticated tools which only make figures geeks giddy.

In a word to say, the big companies typically use Ad Manager, Power Editor, and Hire out your product ads. On the contrary, small companies usually use promoted & boosted posts to save your money & time.

Running a Facebook offer

F-commerce offers are an innovative way to boost up your maximum sales by using Facebook. For local companies, these offers are fantastic. Because once the offer is claimed, they can easily send an email to the individual users instructing them to visit their official site and redeem that offer.

Furthermore, the more traffic will be driving in your F-commerce page & group, the more sales will be increasing.


To sum up the whole thing, the ease of use plays a vital role in the massive admiration of F-Commerce stores in Bangladesh. Furthermore, F-Commerce is not only considered as the economic game-changer but also recognized as the key solution to numerous unemployment problems in Bangladesh. Nowadays, many educated unemployed people have already started their business through a Facebook group & page. They are having a handsome income from their new online business.

In addition, these Facebook pages & groups offer a variety of products that inspire the customers to see and buy more. F-commerce can set up their virtual store for free of cost, and without having to deal with the websites or any physical place, it can give the maximum outcomes by requiring little investment.